Embodiment and Empathy – Navigating ableism in the performing arts. A workshop by Leisa Prowd

STARLABOR invites you 

Sunday 12.2.2023., 10.30-15.30 Rautenstrauch Joest Museum, Köln

All bodies and levels welcome. 
Workshop language: English.

The workshop is free of charge. 
Please reserve your spot at: starlabor@posteo.de


In this workshop we will be exploring our unique movement qualities in relation to the space and other bodies. There will also be discussion about the social model of disability and how we can all work together to create more access and inclusion in the performing arts.


Leisa Prowd

Leisa is an Australian dancer and physical theater performer. Her main interest is exploring natural body movements and discovering unique dance qualities in each body. She is currently working with Adrienn Hód / Unusual Symptoms and Theater Bremen for the piece "Harmonia".