#Simple2Go 10: The herb collection - finally not having to reflect for once

Herbarium is an exhibition that you, as a visitor, take part of. Herbarium is what it sounds like; a collection of herbs. Our Polish colleagues within the Face to Faith-project have collected dried herbs and other scents for the exhibition. 
Before the start of the exhibition, Uschi Baetz leads us, three visually impaired and blind people and our companions, through the hall in the Alte Feuerwache. The room is brightly lit. Many kinds of devices are to be seen.
We feel pumpkins made out of sponge. With the small pieces one could wash one's back. The originals look like big soft beans. Their surface is reminiscent of tree bark. What’s special about them is that each one smells differently.
There are also fragrant houses of snails. But, clueless as I am, I thought they were mussels!
After a short break it starts. The hall is dark. Meditation-like music and sceneries of light enlivens the space: using our senses, we move through the room. Once I sniff the metal plates hanging on the wall and am startled: I hear the snail shells crack. But no worries; luckily they survived my misstep.
In the middle are wooden trolleys with dried forest soil consisting of earth, reeds and moss, decorated with fragrant stones. A fog machine and fans set scents and metal foils in motion. It looks a bit like fire.
Indeed, it is kind of like being in the forest.

Many artists would like us to just be there and observe. But they create chaos in my head. Here I just feel the gentle, quiet wisdom: Be like weeds, fight without weapons!

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