#Simple2Go 11: A Universal Person - without add-ons

"A Universal Person" is a dance piece dealing with perception and truth.
It's been a long time since I attended a performance without accessibility add-ons. This way I can better perceive the sounds and energies in the audience and on stage. Otherwise, a description over headphones fills this silence: audio description.
German subtitles are missing for a short time. The dancer speaks rapid English without a microphone. You can't and don't have to understand that. The long text will have a meaning.
The dancer does warm-up exercises. At some point she practices going slowly into pain. No wonder: she twitches and screams as if she had touched a socket in the process.
She fiddles with partitions and disappears behind them. At some point she returns with a towel. She has probably taken a shower.
Her monologue has long since become a chant of affirmations: "I love to live, getting my job and doing it well." Her irony turns the encouragements into bad jokes.
Afterwards, she sits in blue light. Maybe she's sunbathing, observing nature. She asks: what is better about animals compared to humans?
The dancer puts her clothes back on at the end, spinning in circles incongruously to the music, as if a music box is being wound up again.
It is unclear to me what the artists want. I only experienced a woman pondering the frustrating pigeonholes of human beauty. Would I be more diplomatic with audio description?

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