#Simple2Go 5: #Simple2Backstage - Nico Randel's white doves for peace

Nico Randel is an actor and artist at Kunsthaus KAT18. 24 artists with disabilities are working there. Nico has made 100 peace doves. He presented them at the Sommerblut press conference.

How you can help

Since January this year, Erwin Aljukic is the new chairman of Sommerblut e.V. At the press conference, he explained: "Kunsthaus KAT18 has been working together with Atelier Normalno since 2018. Artists both with and without Down syndrome work there."
The studio is in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. There has been war there since the 24th of February.
Erwin Aljukic said: "Pretty much in every culture, when one talks about faith and about peace, the peace dove is an important symbol."
Then Nico Randel said, "May peace be with you in your heart. We are all thinking about the people in Ukraine. I have planned an action for peace. I have made 100 doves out of cardboard. I've cut them out myself and painted and labelled them. The proceeds for the peace doves are for our friends and colleagues in the Normalno studio in Kiev."

What does the dove look like?

I am blind. Our Inclusion Officer Franziska Lammers described the paper sculpture to me.
First, on the far left is the beak. In it hangs a brown painted branch, with green leaves made of paper. It is as long as the dove itself and goes diagonally down to the right.
The dove is made of white painted cardboard. The head is a semicircle. The eye is painted in it with thick black felt-tip pen: A circle, inside there's a dot.
The neck is a long triangle from the head to the belly.
The belly is a long oval. In it is written with a thick black felt-tip pen: "The longing for peace." 
On the far right are three long rectangles: the tail feathers. They look like as if you'd stretch apart your index finger, middle finger and ring finger.

How to get the Dove of Peace

Nico Randel explains: "You transfer at least 20€ as a donation, the purpose being Ukraine. We will send you the dove to you by mail. We collect the money and send it to Kiev, where the war is now."

The bank details

Beneficiary: KUBiST e.V. - Friends of the Kunsthaus KAT18

IBAN: DE07 3705 0198 1901 8446 60


Intended purpose: Dove of Peace for Kyiv

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