#Simple2Go 6: The Happy Island - Sommerblut premiers at Schauspiel Köln

Messages of Inclusion

A woman in a red dress runs back and forth across the stage, touching herself on various parts of her body. "Happy Island" is the name of the dance performance, with video playing in the background.
The programme text reveals that it is about physical beauty. The subject apparently provokes feelings of anger. But the anger of the, in most cases, visibly disabled dancers gives way to their discovery: The decision is mine. I find my body beautiful.
The idyll of forest and mountains being portrayed in the background makes room for video messages, sprung into the middle of the performance. Emília Monteiro says of her son, the dancer Pedro: "Because of you, I have become a more fulfilled person, happier, more self-confident. I was able to learn that barriers only exist in our heads. It was you who taught me to go beyond myself. Even beyond what I dreamt of as a child."
When will more people start to appreciate inclusion and diversity like this?

Celebrations outdoors!

Afterwards, in the Carlsgarten, we officially opened the festival, listening to short speeches while enjoying a drink.
Thomas Jonigk is head dramaturge and deputy artistic director of Schauspiel Köln. He welcomed us warmly and assured us: Inclusion will become be part of everyday life at Schauspiel Köln this year! Because, the ideal of beauty today allows for much more diversity than in the past.
We also thought about Russia's war against Ukraine. Nico Randel appealed passionately for an end to the war with his peace doves.

In all times we need Happy Islands! Therefore, it most certainly was a worthy opening.

Hapy Island(c) Júlio Silva Castro_j5810307 copy

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