#Simple2Go 7: UNSEEN: A glimpse into our inner life

White rectangles made of fabric stand on the meadows in Stadtgarten until 22.5. The name of the exhibition is "Unseen". 
The white is the reverse of photographic art. Suzie Larke is the artist's name. She has photographed herself and other people. Together, they have contemplated: How do we present our invisible mental states?
One photo shows a singer, who lies on the stage and looks relaxed. The arm, with which the singer holds the microphone, as well as other body parts are broken off like porcelain. The empty audience space is behind her back.
Suzie Larke says: "The visitors should look at the pictures and find their own story."
When I saw the picture, I thought: On the stage, you see an injured person. But the person is only playing and is content with the situation. For this person the audience is not important - invisible.
And what do you think? You don't need to examine it too closely!
At the opening, Suzie Larke tells the story of the eleven photos.
The picture with the singer is called "Storm". British singer Surie sang the song with the same name at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). A man went onto the stage and snatched the microphone from her. She continued singing as if nothing was wrong. Here you can see: she felt broken and alone. It is, in other words, not only blind people who easily overlook the invisible life of the soul.
That is: The exhibition opens eyes and souls.


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