#Simple2Go 9: #Simple2Backstage: High-performance art settles accounts with the achieving society

In the office

The fourth floor in an office building in Ehrenfeld is the perfect place for issuing a settlement of the German unemployment benefit II, colloquially referred to as Hartz IV.

With video, sound art, as well as scenes running parallel to each other, “AGENDA” puts to question: What happens when humans are being turned into files?

In the world of "the office", we move through various office rooms with adventurous personalities. The goal: to land a job at the office. Are there clerks who would rather flee the office than work their way up to the 5th floor? The scene proves a successful parody of German authorities. 


No application process without any confessions: I have three big weaknesses. Which of them are true?

The woman at the office encourages me: I am not unpunctual, but give people space. I can't write, but I am motivated. And should anyone dare: I am not choleric, I am full of energy‼ You should have seen her own application video!

And then they wanted me to label myself "Rejected"! What else was I supposed to do?

They secretly party at night, and appear the next morning full of plasters and bandages.

It's a game! Not everything is intended to be serious.

High-performance art

Christoph Steć and his team consider the great Herr Schredder to be the creator of all evil. The quotes truly put Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in a bad light. But there is one thing they fail to mention: Hartz IV was passed by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat! They changed things, in order to establish a majority. And what about those people who do not even contribute to their community on a voluntary basis? What about the people who want to have everything paid for by the state? And how well do things work out, when people go to the authorities feeling frustrated, afraid and full of shame already?

Those who like action and aggression presented in a professional manner will get their money's worth. It’s a good contrast between artistic high-performance as well as fury concerning work pressure.

The team was impressively creative in providing access for visually impaired people, as well as people with learning disabilities. That’s not easy: More than 2 ½ hours were filled with technically, artistically and physically impressive performances.

An extra: How do blind people read government mail?

I am blind and want to read my mail on my own. I make a digital copy. The software only recognises the printed letters reliably. Thus, I no longer have to face my own weaknesses.

09b AGENDA Schwächen 220509

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