Sounds of life

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Sounds of life. 

Stories of Sinti and Romani. A memorial station

9 June - 26 June 2022

An exhibition by Maro Drom - Kölner Sinte und Freunde e.V. in cooperation with the NS-Documentation Centre of the City of Cologne.

In the open-air exhibition in front of the entrance to the NS-Documentation Centre, people  who were persecuted as Sinti and Romani under the rule of national socialists and survived the genocide are given a space to have their say. Members of the second generation recount the traces this crime against humanity left on themselves and their families. The presentation is installed in a caravan (built in 1958), which for the Sinti of the Maro Drom - Kölner Sinte und Freunde e.V. is a symbol of a vanished world, a reminder of their ancestors as well as a place of self-understanding and encounter.


9 June 7 pm
Opening ceremony of the exhibition


Dr. Annemone Christians-Bernsee

(NS Documentation Centre of the City of Cologne)

Greeting speech

Dr. Ralf Heinen

(Mayor of the City of Cologne)


Markus Reinhardt and Krystiane Vajda, together with Dr Karola Fings (former deputy director of the NS-DOK), will introduce the interview project with survivors and their descendants, as well as the exhibition.

As a special guest, we welcome the survivor Ritela Prigmore who will talk about her personal experiences.


Markus Reinhardt Ensemble (Foyer)


12 June, 5 pm
Menni Schwarz - contemporary witness and activist


In conversation with Krystiane Vajda.

Accompanied by a presentation of the film "In Search of Traces of the Sinti and Roma" and music by Markus Reinhardt and Janko Wiegand.


16 June, 5 pm      
Requiem for Auschwitz // Shadow Children


Music and prose from the second generation of contemporary witnesses Roger Moreno and Bluma Meinhardt in conversation with Krystiane Vajda       


19 June, 5 pm                  
Marian procession with reading and music


(Start): Small devotion with Jan Opiela // St. Mary in Kupfergasse 
(Stop): Young Sinti read from letters of persecuted people // Courtyard of the EL-DE-Haus 
(Conclusion): Music by Markus Reinhardt and Janko Wiegand //  Caravan in front of the EL-DE-Haus


23 - 25 June, 7:30 pm     


A music theatre project by Stefan Hermann and the ensemble of the Hungarian dance group "Romano Glaszo”


26 June, 5 pm           
Finissage: "Day of the Youth”

Grancino Reinhardt (son of Schnuckenack Reinhardt) in conversation with Krystiane Vajda Panel discussion with descendants from three generations

Music: Grancino - Reinhardt - Quintet // Daniel de Alcalá and José Antonio Primo Reina // Dizzy Bone and Moogli                                                    



Please be aware of the current pandemic regulations at the time of your visit.