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#Simple2Go 13: Just contemporary theater

The theatre performance "Alles aber anders" (Everything but different) combined everything I expect from inclusive contemporary culture.

On the one hand, the programme "Alles aber inklusiv" (Everything, but inclusive) offered blind and visually impaired people a Touch-Tour on stage before the performance. Moreover, visitors without impairments were able to learn about the challenges connected to hearing loss, sign language and simple language. Even today, offers like this are not something that can be taken for granted. You have to fundraise for financial support at authorities or foundations. We also had the opportunity to go into the auditorium a little earlier. This way, all technical questions were clarified before the performance began.

The performance provided a palette of funny and thoughtful stories, also with some songs by the whole group. More than 12 performers presented to us different stories: The dying companionship of a former SS man, the difficulties and the facets of the covid-19 vaccine, or the conversation about the uncertain future connected to writing a Master's thesis.

There were always connections between the stories, so that we could follow. "ENTLOVE YOU!", another theatre performance within this year’s Sommerblut, had a similar flow, but there was little connection between the diversity. Nevertheless, "Alles aber Anders" did not become long-winded or strikingly pedagogical. Instead, it was entertaining and thought-provoking. And perhaps it's because of the pandemic that I found this very important: For a minute, all the actors and the audience were connected through touch.

Once again I learned that it is not that difficult to make contemporary culture accessible and entertaining. By taking your audience with you in a sensible way, you can inspire them - even for the things that might be hard to deal with.