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#Simple2Go 14: Not easy - the dance with the skin

It is ominously dark. Two beings, a bit reminiscent of maggots, are sitting on two chairs. Every now and then you see a hand or an arm, like signals. Gradually, a man and a woman come out of their sleeping bags. As if the sleeping bags were their skin.

The dance piece is called "SKIN". It is about the skin being the boundary of the body.

Roland Walter needs help. The woman pulls and carries him across the stage with the sleeping bag. They discover how to move. They imitate each other's movements and change them.

In the second part, the two play with water. They move away from each other as if they were on two separate islands, making their own movements.

At the end, they come closer again, rediscovering themselves and their sleeping bags.

The electronic music is gloomy, angular and melancholic. It reminds me of a dark room, a dark room for impersonal sex. Was my mind still on "queertopolis"?!

After the performance, a visitor confessed to me: She became sad by the performance. Doctors said: Her son could become severely handicapped. He could need as much help as Roland Walter.

That gets under your skin!

You are used to a dance piece telling a story. But here you are free. There is no right or wrong. You don't have to understand anything!

I wish that cultural workers would be more considerate of the audience's insecurity. Love your marginalised group!