#SimpletoGo 18: The demon will never die

"VAGABUNDEN" is a play. In Simple Language, Vagabonds means: People who travel.
This evening began for me with a journey across the stage: a touch tour. Most of the actors described their costumes and their roles to me. That's how I got to know their voices.
The play was as accessible as " Alles Aber Anders" (Everything But Different). There were 5 different stories about addiction, suffering or escape. In addition, there was the demon, an invented being. He encourages people to harm themselves.
All the actors know an addiction.
For example, Amadea eats a lot when there is trouble. She literally sang a song about it! Bodo spoke about escaping to the high seas and running through a forest as a hunter. Ronda was looking for an apartment where one is safe: no power outage, no open apartment door.
I could hardly hear some of the performers. They had no microphone. I could still understand the stories well.
The two sensitive musicians made music and sounds with a keyboard and drums. With a loop machine they recorded words and sounds on stage and played them back again and again. So we can also imagine a demon whispering or screaming in our head with many voices mixed up.
I learned: demons live on. The main thing is that they don't win so often.
Nobody had to prove to us that they were good. Instead, everyone showed what they could do. That's what I liked best!

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