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This picture shows several people in wedding attire. Some are cheering and look happy, others have a serious expression on their faces. They have flowers in their hair and in their hands.


Timespan 11.5. to 15.5.
Price 17€, 10€ reduced
TanzFaktur I WerksHalle, Siegburger Str. 233W, 50679 Köln
Accessibility Impaired mobility Wheelchair access Audio description German Sign Language Touch-tour

ENTLOVE YOU! (De-love yourself!)


What it’s about

Modern life and capitalism have changed our emotions and our love life. Currently, love is confronted with limitless freedom of choice, limitless freedom of options, and maybe even with an optimization imperative. Can we rethink love? Re-experience it? And maybe even disintegrate it?

What potential does love bear? What forms, roles, and patterns are there to love? How do we want to love and be loved?

Why you have to be there

ENTLOVE YOU! is a rhythmic and humorous invitation to think of love as a participatory action. It is an appeal to the audience to identify new concepts of love, to approach them, and to just give them a try.

Love is rethought here!


Direction & Concept Ana Valeria González
Dramaturgy Silvia Petrova
Direction assistance Victoria Caroline Parker
Executive producer Carina Gottschalk
Production assistance Charline Vozelj
Costume design Anja Baydak
Hair and make-up Jacqueline Tamm
Music Ascan Sue Delarber
Lighting design Dietrich Schluckließ
Sound Thorsten Grether
Video & Stage design Hans Diernberger
Audio description Yulia Yáñez Schmidt
Sign language Runa Musiol, Elisa-Marie Mischewski
Graphic design Ina Cristescu, Sandra Bräutigam
Acting Angelica Summer, Ayşin Celik, Barbara Holly-Roll, Ellen Zuhr, Fatemeh Esmaeili Dorabati, Gale Weathers, Kerstin Pöpper, Lucélia da Silva Junker, Mariana Bartolo, Robin Möckel, Sawsan Almamma, Shaza Almehbani, Sofia Plich, Ulla Selva, Zahra Bakhshi


  • Impaired mobility
  • Wheelchair access
  • Audio description
  • German Sign Language
  • Touch-tour
Wednesday 11.5.

Opening: 19:15

Thursday 12.5.

Opening: 19:15

Friday 13.5.

Opening: 19:15

Saturday 14.5.

Opening: 19:15

Sunday 15.5.

Opening: 19:15

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