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Alles Aber Anders

This picture shows two people behind a frosted glass door. Through the door, the persons can only be recognised in shadowy form.


Timespan 14.5. to 20.5.
Price 17€, 10€ reduced
Alte Feuerwache | Bühne, Melchiorstr. 3, 50670 Köln
Accessibility Impaired mobility Wheelchair access Audio description German Sign Language Easy German Touch-tour

Everything, but different. 


What it’s about

12 people give their accounts of unusual moments in their lives and how their world suddenly changed. Surprising challenges had them surpass themselves, because absurd situations require elaborate solutions.

How can a committed palliative care nurse meet the expectations she has of herself, regarding the interactions with the people who she tends to? What about the lot of a deaf hairdresser, who suddenly could not read the lips of his clients anymore? How did the musician, whose shows were all at once canceled, react? And how did the collaboration of a teacher and her students transform into something very special?

Why you need to be there

On stage, these encounters are all woven into one big story that compellingly reflects the changes in our society in a humorous and moving way. 

This performance is breathtakingly touching.


Direction Petra Wüllenweber
Direction assistance Inge Brings
Acting Paul Gerome Hölters, Antje Mairich, Charles Ripley, Sümeyra Y1lmaz
Actors/actresses/performers Ralph Beilig, Annette Borngesser, Morteza Mohebzadeh, Nico Randel
Contributor Reza Askari-Motlagh, Susanne R., Jakob Schröder, Silvia Schröder
Music Paul Peters
Singing Birgit Schlenther
Consultation Natalie Dedreux
Stage design & Costume design Monika Odenthal
Technical assistance Christian Herbert, Luise Rossbach
Video Jan van Putten
Production assistance Jantje Unger
Project manager Tina Damm


  • Impaired mobility
  • Wheelchair access
  • Audio description
  • German Sign Language
  • Easy German
  • Touch-tour
Saturday 14.5.
Sunday 15.5.
Tuesday 17.5.
Wednesday 18.5.
Thursday 19.5.
Friday 20.5.

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