This picture is a close-up photo of a woman, looking into the camera. With the help of photo editing, it looks like the left side of her torso is detaching and scattering in tiny little pieces in all directions.


Timespan 7.5. to 22.5.
Price Eintritt frei
Artists Suzie Larke
Stadtgarten, Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access
Accessibility Audio description (1 Date) German Sign Language (1 Date)

Unseen: the life, deep down inside


What it’s about 

The inner struggle for our mental wellbeing often remains invisible to outsiders. How can it be made visible? Suzie Larke uses conceptual art photography to visualize our inner states, such as frailty. Her message: you don’t have to suffer through psychological experiences – even the bad ones – in isolation. They can be expressed, shared with others, transformed into something new, visible, intelligible. The images are constructed but engender their very own kind of authenticity and intensity. 

Why you need to be there

This is a collaboration, like no other. Suzie Larke developed it together with people who were struggling with psychological problems. True experts, in fact, for mental (un)wellbeing. The fascinating large-size photographs are positioned where they belong: right among people, in the Kölner Stadtgarten, printed on fabric and suspended on metal racks. Lots of room for intensive study.

Unseen can strengthen your frailty.


Samstag 7.5.

Opening: 16:00


Dienstag 17.5.

Opening: 10:45

"Ausgesprochen Kunst" von "dieKunstderInklusion"

Mittwoch 18.5.

Opening: 13:45

"Ausgesprochen Kunst" von "dieKunstderInklusion"

Freitag 20.5.

Opening: 13:45

"Ausgesprochen Kunst" von "dieKunstderInklusion"

Sonntag 22.5.