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This picture shows a sky with a sunny horizon, all covered in yellow. In front of it is a staircase with 10 steps. In the foreground of the picture, oranges, bananas and apples are flying through the air. It is all a big mess.


Timespan 10.5. to 15.5.
Price Eintritt frei
Artists Running Water und Writing on the Wall
Wiener Platz 2a, 51065 Köln
Wiener Platz
Bühne am Wiener Platz
Accessibility Impaired mobility Wheelchair access German Sign Language



An initiative for collective thinking, writing, and living. From Cologne and Liverpool.

What it’s about

Frischtextlabor (fresh text laboratory) is a cooperation of Sommerblut and “Writing on the Wall”, a Liverpool-based initiative for creative writing projects. What’s so refreshing about it? In February and March 2022, the playwright Lothar Kittstein attended and supervised Sunday writing workshops. People who have (or haven’t) experienced addiction in the past collected words, assembled texts, and wrote stories. We now present this beautifully wild text collection to you at the Wiener Platz in Köln-Mülheim.

Why you need to be there

Frischtextlabor is a social project with a big vision: writing can create community and inspire change. This is how the interactive Frischtext-installation of the RUNNING WATER creative collective works: it animates the texts that came to be in the workshops. Part of the installation is a customized Frischtext-market stand that is integrated into the regular market. Here you can buy a bag of fresh texts or have them printed on a T-shirt. There are also handcrafted seats with integrated speakers, which will ensure that the texts can be heard anywhere in the market square. 

Danger! Frischtextlabor may cause intense sensations of community. 


Creative producer Running Water CREATIVE GROUP
Artistic direction Lothar Kittstein
Script Schreibwerkstätten Köln und Liverpool


  • Impaired mobility
  • Wheelchair access
  • German Sign Language
Tuesday 10.5.
Thursday 12.5.
Friday 13.5.
Saturday 14.5.
Sunday 15.5.

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