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Biotopia. Eine Fortpflanzung

This picture shows a painting with a green background. In front of it is a creature, half human, half plant, depicted standing on its head.


Timespan 7.5. to 19.5.
Price 15€, 10€ reduced
Artists Frederik Werth
Äußerer Grüngürtel, Köln
Accessibility Wheelchair access Audio description German Sign Language

Biotopia. A Reproduction


What it’s about

Trees pulsate in the rhythm of the tides. Shamanic creatures between the times and categories. Plants as chroniclers of civilizational past and future. In between there are fog, stars, constellations, humans, threadworms. It’s not the first time that we encounter each other in the Other-world of Biotopia. A reproduction. 

The wall between nature and culture has been torn apart and unlimited communication has been established. Dull reality and utopian dream-time, sound and conversation, installation and performance, human and non-human – all of this collides and overlaps here in Biotopia, and condenses into an experimental ground for applied, interdisciplinary communication.

Why you need to be there

You are moving between worlds and away from your own expectations. Using only GPS coordinates and your own smartphone as a mundane reality extension, you advance into the experimentation-sphere of Biotopia. A reproduction. A cosmos where your own senses run wild. 

Your environment is talking to you!


Singing Simone Krampe, Mylène Kroon
Acting Bernd Schlenkrich, Laurenz Leky
Julia Mota
Direction Frederik Werth
Direction assistance Julie Grothger
Voice-over artist Lena Geyer


  • Wheelchair access
  • Audio description
  • German Sign Language
Saturday 7.5.
Sunday 8.5.
Wednesday 18.5.
Thursday 19.5.

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