This picture shows an older man in a green shirt. He holds his hands out in front of him and has a questioning expression on his face. In the background on the right, out of focus, a woman can be seen, looking at the man from behind.


Timespan 24.5. to 25.5.
Price 15€, 10€ reduced
Artists Producing Sibylle
Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten, Volksgartenstr. 25, 50677 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access
Accessibility Easy German (1 Date) Audio description (1 Date) Touch-tour (1 Date)



What it’s about

VAGABONDS tells the story of outsiders who seemingly can’t fully integrate into society. They are too old, too slow, too loud, too bold. They could just lie down in a ditch and await their end indifferently. They could just accept their fate without any resistance. Instead they venture out –without really knowing where they’re going– driven only by the certainty that life’s story can still be rewritten, and that giving up is not an option for them. 

Why you need to be there

The Drugland Theater ensemble is foraging for musical tracks under the artistic direction of Producing Sibylle. VAGABONDS is preoccupied with the central questions of social existence. Who owns the city and what to do with the dispossessed? What can hands-on solidarity look like? VAGABONDS is a confrontation of some of the performers’ own addiction history and a fight against very personal demons, but also a story of friendship and solidarity. 

Come along on a rhythmic journey into the unknown.


Artistic direction & Direction Olja Artes
Artistic direction & Choreography Silvana Buchwald
Musical direction Tobias Gubesch (Outside-Ear), Janina Tzonas (Vocals/Piano), Valentin Austen (Drums)
Stage design Jan Brandt
Costume design Christina Siegert
Project manager Jule Klemm, Franziska Funke
Project manager & Actors/actresses/performers Hanna Glaser
Lighting design Sebastian Pingel
Direction assistance Iris Schweitzer
Video Fabiana Fragale
Photography Oliver Stolzenberg
Actors/actresses/performers Amadea Brüsselbach, Andreas Langela, Sukia Lawalata, Bodo Scardino, Rhonda Schmitt


Dienstag 24.5.
Mittwoch 25.5.