This picture shows a young woman and an older man dancing. They stand close to the camera and make gestures with their hands.


Timespan Samstag 21.5.
Price 15€, 10€ reduced
Artists Renae Shadler & Collaborators mit Roland Walter
TanzFaktur I BühnenSaal, Siegburger Str. 233W, 50679 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access
Accessibility Audio description



What it’s about

Where does your body start and where does my body end? Renae Shadler and Roland Walter explore our body surface, the skin, in this intimate and playful duet as a permeable barrier between inside and outside – border and contact point at once. A common kinetic language is generated that exceeds the physical limits of the performers and challenges well-established ideas of a mixed-abled choreography. 

Why you need to be there

SKIN explores new ways of connecting with one another, solidifies our abilities to move in between different types of experiences, and makes tangible how our environment shapes, and is shaped by, us. 

This performance gets under your skin!


Samstag 21.5.