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Das gestohlene Glück/ Украдене щастя


Timespan 19.5. to 20.5.
Price Eintritt frei
Artists Splash Theater Kiew
Theater im Bauturm, Aachener Str. 24-26, 50674 Köln
Accessibility Impaired mobility

Anna was never entitled to have her own opinion, to make her own decisions, to lead her own life. It seemed that it would be like this forever: an unloved husband Mykola, permanent housework and a heart full of pain. But her beloved Milhailo, long thought dead, has returned. Anna's soul suddenly remembers what it is like to be filled with joy and happiness. But is passion enough to bring back the real Anna? A woman full of fear, pain, memories and feelings. How deeply can society invade your own life that you bury it yourself? Will Anna find her inner peace? Will she be strong? Will she understand who really stole her happiness?

Let's find the answers together. The mystery of life and the drama of the human soul presented in plastic collages with primal music, told by four actresses of Splash Theater from Kiev.


  • Impaired mobility
Thursday 19.5.
Friday 20.5.


Direction Gio Pachkoria
Acting Svetlana Malyuga, Tamara Patsata, Alina Iskerko, Irina Sokovich
Pictorial design Marta Hanna
Music Folknery, Kurbasy, Dakha Brakha, Folk songs recorded by Ivan Franko