Behind Fear


Timespan Thursday 18.5.
Price 4€ · 9€ · 17€ · 24€ · 48€
Artists Dragana Bulut
TanzFaktur I BühnenSaal, Siegburger Str. 233W, 50679 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access
Accessibility Audio description Subtitle/Supertitle Touch-tour
Remark The performance includes the use of flashing lights, strobes and fake blood. There will be loud and sudden noises. Physical violence is depicted. Possible audience participation.

That's what it's about

Forewarned is forearmed. In "Behind Fear" Dragana Bulut creates choreographies of fear by exploring the paradoxes of supposed safety culture. "Behind Fear" playfully directs the feeling of external as well as internal safety and exposes mechanisms that shape our need for security.

That's why you have to go in

Dragana Bulut humorously examines the inflation of our need for security, looking at the horrors and dangers that are too quick to be secured but real enough to have an impact. A security team tries to protect the audience from the danger and manipulative power of theatre. How do we deal with the threat we face in the theatre?


Following her performance, Dragana Bulut introduces the creative process of "Behind Fear" and talks with security agent Mohanad Al-Rim and the performers about individual and societal security needs.

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Spoken language: English

No German Surtitles. We offer a slightly differing German translation as handout.

You may bring your own headphones to use the audio description. The connection is a simple mini-jack.


Thursday 18.5.

Opening: 20:00

Touch Tour: 19:00


Choreography & Concept & Performance Dragana Bulut
Performance Caroline Neill Alexander, Chris Scherer, Mohanad Al-Rim, Nancy Meissner
Dramaturgy & Consultation Maja Zimmermann, Thomas Schaupp
Sound design Tian Rotteveel
Sound technology Steffen Friedersdorf
Lighting design Elliott Cennetoglu
Lighting Sanja Gregoric
Stage design Jonas Maria Droste
Consultation Minna Partanen, Alex Williams, Ben Woodard, Carnelian King, Franziska Dietrich, Julian Hanich, Sebastian Vogt
Executive producer Lisanne Grotz / xplusdrei Produktionsbüro, Marit Buchmeier
Production assistance Benjamin Fischer
Photography Mate Ugrin

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