Durch Lila Nebel


Timespan 18.5. to 20.5.
Price 4€ · 9€ · 17€ · 24€ · 48€
Artists Svetlana Fourer & Ensemble
Alte Feuerwache | Bühne, Melchiorstr. 3, 50670 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access
Accessibility Subtitle/Supertitle Audio description (1 Date) German Sign Language (1 Date) Easy German (1 Date) Touch-tour (1 Date)

That's what it's about

What gives us goosebumps? And who still whistles in the forest when their throat is already dry? Eight people tell their story. They speak of personal insecurities, of their inner fears and struggles. In " Durch Lila Nebel", director Svetlana Fourer dives deep into the emotional world of all of us with a diverse ensemble. Fear becomes an impulse to decide - to act and to be. It transforms into the courage to question, to take responsibility and to act in a self-determined way.

That's why you have to go

Embark on this highly personal journey of experience. It will unsettle you, but it will also show you common ground. Common ground with those who are different from you - or are they not?

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Languages: German, English, Ukrainian

Subtitles: German

There will be a Touch Tour at 7:00 pm on 05/20/2023.

To use the audio description and translation in Easy Language, you can bring your own headphones. The connection works via a simple mini-jack plug.


Thursday 18.5.

Opening: 19:30

Friday 19.5.

Opening: 19:30

Saturday 20.5.

Opening: 19:30

Touch Tour: 19:00


Direction Svetlana Fourer
Production assistance Emily Lenau
Dramaturgy Marc von Reth
Project manager Hanna Behr
Acting Alina Skoryk, Anne Stötzel-Rindel, Florian Lintz, Jad Bik, Maryna Bilova, Nastassja Pielartzik, Regina Welz, Erwin Aljukić
Direction assistance Carlotta Kirdorf-Frey
Video Lisa Domin
Stage design Hannah Beeck
Music Matthias Bernhold
Costume design Maike Kranz
Consultation Stela Shcherbatova
Choreography Ilona Pászthy
Technical assistance Christian Herbert, Merlin Zambra

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