Alias. Parallelwelten 2030


Timespan 21.5. to 22.5.
Price 4€ · 9€ · 17€ · 24€ · 48€
Artists Producing Sibylle
Orangerie Theater | Bühne, Volksgartenstr. 25, 50677 Köln
Impaired mobility

That's what it's about

What happens when the street becomes a shelter? When public space becomes private and there is no room left for dreaming? Or when people no longer want to dream at all? What kind of future can then emerge in the in-between, on the street, in our minds? Cities produce spaces in which the anonymous, impersonal collides with personal dreams.
In the midst of dream and reality, utopian future and defensive reality, DRUGLAND Theatre lets itself fall into the (im)possible and asks how a future living together in our cities is possible without losing ourselves in the parallel worlds of our streets.

That's why you have to go

"So she sat with her eyes closed, and half believed herself transported into Wonderland; and yet she knew quite well that she had only to look around, and everything would become dull and real again." (Alice in Wonderland).


DRUGLAND Theatre is an expert group of people with addiction experiences who deal artistically with various (autobiographical) themes on stage.

Further information on accessibility

The event room is also accessible for wheelchair users via a ramp. We recommend an assistant to use the ramp, as its percentage slope exceeds 6 percent.


Sunday 21.5.

Opening: 19:00

Monday 22.5.

Opening: 19:00

andreas - gras
hanna - flieger


Artistic direction Christina Siegert, Olja Artes, Silvana Buchwald
Choreography & Performance Alberto José Lucena
Performance & Direction assistance Iris Schweitzer
Musical direction Tobias Gubesch
Executive producer Jule Klemm
Performance Andreas Langela, Hanna Glaser, Sukia Lawalata
Stage design Jan P. Brandt
Technical assistance Simon Kwame

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