gender is a magic trick I forgot how to perform


Timespan 14.5. to 15.5.
Price 4€ · 9€ · 17€ · 24€ · 48€
Artists Jeanne Jens Eschert
Alte Feuerwache | Halle, Melchiorstr. 3, 50670 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access

That's what it's about

Secrets and lies, appearances and disappearances, trickery and deceit. "Why do these words have a strangely close relationship to my gender? Maybe because I used to be a wizard? Or because I do magic in a transphobic society?" So-called sawed-up and bearded women together in "freak shows" and "Völkerschauen" - the contexts and aesthetics of magic were problematic and still are.

That's why you have to come

In her solo performance, Jeanne Jens Eschert does not hide the techniques she herself learned as a magician. She elegantly dissolves the accusation "You tricked me!" - and makes magical experiences tellable. In a world where debunking takes place where there is nothing to debunk, the binary of truth and deception blurs in "gender is a magic trick I forgot how to perform".


Jeanne Jens Eschert grew up with a Cologne circus, studied Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen and Geographies of the Globalization of Markets in Frankfurt am Main and had stopped doing magic. In recent years, she has returned to the art of magic: a.o. as dramaturg in the performance "Magic Act" with Emma Hütt and Leonie Hahn at the Volksbühne Berlin.


Sunday 14.5.
Monday 15.5.


Concept & Performance Jeanne Jens Eschert
Sound design Mai Ishijima
Dramaturgy Eva Königshofen
Costume design & Choreography René Alejandro Huari Mateus
Stage design Clara Reiner, Till Korfhage

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