#Simple2Go 9: #Simple2Backstage - High-performance art settles accounts with the achieving society

The fourth floor in an office building in Ehrenfeld is the perfect place for issuing a settlement concerning the German unemployment benefit II, colloquially referred to as Hartz IV.

With video, sound art, as well as scenes running parallel to each other, “AGENDA” puts to question: What happens when humans are being turned into files?


#Simple2Go 10: The herb collection - finally not having to reflect for once

Herbarium is an exhibition that you, as a visitor, take part of. Herbarium is what it sounds like; a collection of herbs. Our Polish colleagues within the Face to Faith-project have collected dried herbs and other scents for the exhibition. 


#Simple2Go 11: A Universal Person without additions

"A Universal Person" is a dance piece dealing with perception and truth.
It's been a long time since I attended a performance without accessibility add-ons. This way I can better perceive the sounds and energies in the audience and on stage. Otherwise, a description over headphones fills this silence: audio description.


#Simple2Go 12: The Giant Aquarium

"BIOTOPE" literally means “living space”. The lively dance piece was created by the Dutch artist collective “United Cowboys”, together with Sommerblut.


#Simple2Go 13: Simply contemporary theatre

The theatre performance "Alles aber anders" (Everything but different) combined everything I expect from inclusive contemporary culture.


#Simple2Go 14: Not easy - the dance with the skin

The dance piece is called "SKIN". It is about the skin being the boundary of the body.


#Simple2Go: #Simple2Background – Expressively Simple

I told you the other day about the exhibition "Unseen". Today I report about a guided tour through the exhibition.


#Simple2Go 15: The machine man as god - The Human Measure

"The Human measure" was the prelude to our cultural finale. 
The program text was puzzling. The spoken text was English. But the visual language was strong enough.


#SimpletoGo 18: The demon will never die

"VAGABUNDEN" is a play. In Simple Language, Vagabonds means: People who travel.


#SimpletoGo 17: FI-NA-LE! — and far from over

At last outdoors again and with an audience: the Sommerblut cultural finale at Ebertplatz! Featuring the touching theater performance "The Human Measure," the faith app "iBelieve," and much more.