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#Simple2Go 11: A Universal Person without additions

"A Universal Person" is a dance piece dealing with perception and truth.It's been a long time since I attended a performance without accessibility add-ons. This way I can better perceive the sounds and energies in the audience and on stage. Otherwise, a description over headphones fills this silence: audio description.

#Simple2Go 12: The Giant Aquarium

"BIOTOPE" literally means “living space”. The lively dance piece was created by the Dutch artist collective “United Cowboys”, together with Sommerblut.

#Simple2Go 13: Simply contemporary theatre

The theatre performance "Alles aber anders" (Everything but different) combined everything I expect from inclusive contemporary culture.

#Simple2Go 14: Not easy - the dance with the skin

The dance piece is called "SKIN". It is about the skin being the boundary of the body.