FUTURE X – Schreibe einen Song zum Weltuntergang – Yale Sevis

„Mother’s Cry“ von Yale Sevis 


I feel the despair shining out of my body. I’m home-sick. But where is home? 

We hold on to everything we can Trying to stay, but it just slips away with us. 

Every tree decays. The leaves dissolve and vanish. The bee’s wings crumble to dust. 


And our lungs fail our lungs fail We are scared. Because we sense. We feel we hear and see the disappearance. All Bodys pass away. 


Everybody just wants be an embryo Being warmed in Mothers womb Expecting protection and love 

Mother Nature hears her trillion children screaming. We hear her cry 


And our throats fail our throats fail We are silent. Because we sense. We feel we hear and see our guilt. All Bodys pass away. 


The earth returns to its primary colors. To a mixture of blue, red and yellow. Until it finally shatters in gray. 


We a child of mother nature. We heard her crying for a long time. Crying for her babies. And yet we turned our backs on her. 

Refrain B 

We are trying to catch a piece of the mother. But she is too frail. And we slip off. 


And so our limbs fail our limbs fail. We are weak. Because we sense. We feel we hear and see our loss. All Bodys pass away. 

And so our hearts fail our hearts fail We are cold. We didn’t sense or feel or hear or see the world. The mother cries, the baby dies 

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