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Man kennt Mr. Bean und vielleicht hat man von Buster Keaton gehört. Aber wenn Doctor Brown loslegt, dann fallen Maßstäbe zusammen und eine neue Kategorie von Humor entsteht. Provozierend und launenhaft führt Doctor Brown sein Publikum zu den absonderlichsten Plätzen, dreht dann ab, um dann noch einen draufzusetzen. Seine Kunst ist der größtenteils wortlose Akt mit einer absurd-komischen Mimik, und einem entsprechend verblüfften Publikum.
Der internationale Comedian ist alles auf einmal und doch nichts von allem. Sonderbar surreal spinnt er herum, schnappt über und wird in seinem Chaos unberechenbar, nur um dann noch kurioser weiterzumachen. Ein Genuss für alle, die der alltäglichen Sprichwörter und vorhersagbaren Pointen überdrüssig sind. HINWEIS: Programm in englischer Sprache!
If you are intrigued at the prospect of some truly unique physical comedy and excited by the potential of becoming part of an amazing act then you must see Doctor Brown, the British comedian who set the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on fire. Most of you know Mr Bean and may have heard of Buster Keaton but all the benchmarks break down in Doctor Brown"s show where a new category of humour comes into being! He leads his audience provokingly to bizarre places and then goes a little further. His artistry is mostly wordless, supplemented by absurd and funny facial expressions, leaving his audience delightfully bewildered at times. His spinning is surreal, his crazy chaos is erratic and sometimes weird but this is exquisite enjoyment for anyone tired of predictable punch lines.
Press releases for ´Becaves´:
‘About as bonkers an hour of comedy as ever you would find – part Mr Bean, part Buster Keaton, all odd.’ Sunday Times
After a spectacular run at the Edinburgh Fringe last year Doctor Brown returns with his brand new show Doctor Brown Becaves. Having already met with huge international success, with sell out shows in Prague, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Toronto, Dubai, Hong Kong andLondon’s Soho Theatre, Dr Brown is fast becoming one of the most talked about alternative comedians on the international circuit.
‘Rude, messy but rather marvellous, full of provocation, downright uncomfortable weirdness. Leaving impishness, waywardness’ The Times
Doctor Brown Becaves is for anyone tired of winsome witticisms and predictable punch-lines. A largely wordless act of absurdist mime and delightfully bewildered audiences, Doctor Brown goes to strange places, turns left and then goes even stranger.
‘Dr Brown is described as anti-comedy, surreal and absurd. But I prefer to use the word “genius”.’ Herald Sun, Melbourne
‘Utterly bizarre, dreadfully funny’ Time Out
Malcolm Hardee Award nominee for Original Comedy in 2010 and 2011