Donate directly

A bank statement suffices as a donation receipt for sums of up to 200 Euros.

For your donation, we offer you the possibility of transferring to our donations account:

Sommerblut e.V.

IBAN: DE 77 3705 0198 1900 3189 48


or simply make a payment via PayPal

Volunteer at Sommerblut

Would you like to help? Sommerblut is always in need of volunteers

willing to lend a hand: help out at events, distribute informational material, greet guests, accompany artists — just a few examples of how you could help out at Sommerblut. If you’re interested or have a question, send an e-mail to:

Raphael Spiegel
Raphael Spiegel
Buchhaltung / Finanzen

Join the friends of Sommerblut

We are grateful for every form of financial and personal support. Whether as a member of our sponsoring association (Förderverein) or by making a “one-time” donation or regular donations — every little bit helps us with our many ambitious projects throughout the festival. As a matter of course, you will receive for your donation or your annual membership fee the corresponding proof of donation.

Please contact our sponsoring association by writing to:

Our association officers are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

Opportunities for Making Donations to the Endowment Fund of the Sommerblut Foundation


Free donation of assets

A free donation of assets to the Sommerblut Foundation is a consumable asset. The sum need not be spent promptly but rather may be spent over a period of time. This gives us flexibility, for example, in initiating new projects. Donations and contributions are generally tax-deductible for sums up to 20 percent of your taxable income. When making a donation by transfer to the endowment fund’s account, please fill in the reference line with “freie Vermögensspende” or “free donation.”

Donation to the foundation’s asset base

You can also donate to the asset base of the Sommerblut Foundation. The donated sum contributes to the endowment fund which must be maintained in the long term. Only the interest accrued is used to support the work of our projects. This has a tax advantage for you, as this contribution — in addition to your donations — may be declared as special expenses, up to one million Euros, and if desired, for over a period of ten years. A donation to the asset base is recommended for sums starting at 10,000 Euros and requires a special written agreement. 

Gifts subject to revocation

Many people would like to make a more significant gift during their lifetime but are uncertain as to whether or not they may need this money later in life. They may have, for example, savings or an inheritance which is not momentarily needed but which may be required later as part of a retirement plan. For the time being, they choose to support the Sommerblut Foundation with this money. To this end, we offer you the possibility of making a donation subject to revocation. You  place a certain sum of money at our disposal for a period of time. The sum is then diversely invested for the endowment fund, at low risk and in compliance with ethical criteria, by the GLS Treuhand e.V. The accrued interest goes toward funding Sommerblut projects, namely where it is needed most urgently. Your gift can be revoked by you at any time, with three months’ notice, and the full sum is then returned to you.

For such gifts, we make a contract with you and recommend a sum of at least 10,000 Euros. Neither you nor we have to pay tax on the interest accrued; the interest benefits solely and entirely Sommerblut projects.

Inheritance and bequest

To make a contribution beyond one’s own lifetime— this is the desire of many people. This is why more and more people consider non-profit organizations in their wills. This may also be done to benefit the Sommerblut Foundation, as we are tax exempt both for inheritance tax and gift tax. The value of your assets goes, without tax deductions, to the purpose of your choice. With your estate, you strengthen our flexibility and help us to realize projects with a long-term effect, as a will donation need not be spent soon after the donation is made. In this way, you show your solidarity by supporting Sommerblut’s future socio-cultural projects.

You can name the Sommerblut Foundation as inheritor in your will or make a bequest to the Sommerblut Foundation. If you wish to consider the Sommerblut Foundation in your will, we offer you, in co-operation with the “Deutschen Interessengemeinschaft für Erbrecht und Vorsorge,” a no-obligations and free-of-charge first consultation with a lawyer specializing in inheritance law in your area.