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This picture shows a dancing person in a red costume made of transparent fabric. In the background, a nature landscape is to be seen, with several trees.
Schauspiel Köln, Depot 2
This picture shows a naked woman sitting on a pile of car tyres.
MAKK - Museum für Angewandte Kunst
This picture shows several people in wedding attire. Some are cheering and look happy, others have a serious expression on their faces. They have flowers in their hair and in their hands.
TanzFaktur I WerksHalle
This picture shows a person in red patterned clothing, with her arms spread wide. She is standing in a meadow, with the long grass reaching her hips.
This image shows a close-up of a person surrounded by blue light. The person is holding the hands behind the head and is looking away from the camera.
TanzFaktur I BühnenSaal
This picture shows a woman lying on the floor. Her upper body is painted with blue and green paint, and she is leaning against yellow plastic pipes. Feathers are stuck to her arm and body. Some feathers are also lying on the floor.
This picture shows a yellow flower up close.
Next Date: Monday , 16.5.
Alte Feuerwache | Halle
Next Date: Monday , 16.5.
This picture is a close-up photo of a woman, looking into the camera. With the help of photo editing, it looks like the left side of her torso is detaching and scattering in tiny little pieces in all directions.
Next Date: Tuesday , 17.5.


We have a critic of our own on our team. Our blogger Arne Siebert is an avid fan of Sommerblut. But he doesn’t like everything, of course. He knows: “We are so diverse. If you want to know whether it was really good or not, just go!” (#einfachhin) He reveals in his blog: what should you definitely not miss? And what were our performances like? He sometimes takes you backstage. And is Arne as non-binary and inclusive as Sommerblut? Find out on his blog #Simple2Go!

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#Simple2Go 5: #Simple2Backstage - Nico Randel's white doves for peace

Nico Randel is an actor and artist at Kunsthaus KAT18. 24 artists with disabilities are working there. Nico has made 100 peace doves. He presented them at the Sommerblut press conference.

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Simple2Go 4: #Simple2Backstage - Why do we gender?

Why do we write a colon and the feminine ending?
Here you can find out the why and the wherefore. All compiled by Arne for you and us.

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#Simply2Go 2: Make it new!

Everything is new in May. That's why we've prepared ourselves for a new season: Make it new!

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Face to Faith

FACE TO FAITH is a joint project co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. 

Open Calls

Are you looking for a volunteer position? Would you like to work on a dance or theatre piece? Or are you interested in other arts projects? Are you looking for freelance work? Here, our currently available job offers are being presented.

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