Upcoming events

Group of people dancing. They wear white and black clothing and are in a large, open space for training.
Next Date: Saturday , 4.5.
Schauspiel Köln | Depot 2
Photo by Enrique Rottenberg of two elderly ladies kissing on the lips.
Next Date: Sunday , 5.5.
Galerie Horbach
Group picture of five men. Four are standing and one man is lying on the floor in the foreground.

Queere Revolution

What we should succeed in doing, we do not succeed in doing
Next Date: Wednesday , 8.5.
Freies Werkstatt Theater
Three large, red-lit light boxes made of fabric, in which there are people of whom you can only see the shadows.
Next Date: Thursday , 9.5.
Orangerie Theater | Bühne
Image of brown shapes in a purple smoke
Next Date: Friday , 10.5.
Theater im Bauturm
Next Date: Saturday , 11.5.


A polyphonic collection
Next Date: Sunday , 12.5.
Freies Werkstatt Theater
Next Date: Monday , 13.5.
JVA Köln Ossendorf
Artwork of a red bus driving through a magical green landscape. Rehts in the picture is a crane overgrown with plants, standing on an island in the water. Wind turbines can be seen in the distance.


The future of water
Next Date: Tuesday , 14.5.
Picture of a concert by Markus Rheinhardt. He is playing his violin with his eyes closed. He is dressed in black. A guitarist is playing next to him.
Next Date: Thursday , 30.5.

Tickets & VVK

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