#Simple2Go 8: Nature once again turns into theatre

In the midst of a small forest, two female singers can be heard. Are they singing about loneliness? We're getting closer. They are looking at the surroundings of a wooden ruin, picking up dead wood or leaves, singing to them as if they were reviving them.

Now they're emerging from the forest, to where we are standing in the meadow. They're continuously singing, bowing, on the ground and standing up again, touching us with their tuning forks. They hand us a small branch. For me, it could have been a conductor's stick. This quiet observation on this early Sunday morning moves me to tears. Like a Christian communion!

Only if there is a reason, I would voluntarily leave the house before 7 o'clock on a Sunday morning. "Biotopia. Eine Fortpflanzung" once again turns a piece of nature into theatre. Last year, the walk with various live performances and accompanying sound contributions from the smartphone was one of the most enjoyable events for me.

In the beginning, a voice encourages us to move around freely, to just observe, without any expectations. It constitutes a challenge, as with any reproduction. We can only visit Biotopia with the smartphone as our guidance. If the smartphone and navigation system in the app don't play along, you miss out on lovingly produced audio content and small tasks. Sometimes we were going in circles during this scavenger hunt, since it was unclear where to find the different stations. But in the company of three nature- and technology-savvy women, it was lots of fun.


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