Our accessibility concept

The Sommerblut Festival strives to make its website and as many events as possible accessible to people with all different kinds of disabilities.

This is a process, and we are continually working to improve on it.

In developing our new website, we have taken care to set up the various pages in a linear and logical way. We have tried to make the headings and links as expressive as possible. The clear set-up of the pages, fitting contrasts, self-explanatory buttons and large click areas for taking action have simplified use of the site. In addition, filters can be selected to show events based on various disabilities.

Technically the site has been designed to the best of our ability in accordance with the guidelines of the GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility Program and WCAG 2.0 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We do not use flash video. Additionally, in the browser the font size may be enlarged.

When selecting locations for our events we make sure that there is accessibility for people with walking disabilities and people in wheelchairs.

To ensure that our events are accessible to people with hearing disabilities, we offer interpretation by an interpreter for German Sign Language at selected performances. At some locations the use of an inductive loop is available.

For people with a learning disability, some events are translated into simple language.

Audio description is available for people with visual disabilities at selected events.

Which events will have which accessibility on which dates is indicated on the page where the event is described in detail.

What do the symbols on the website stand for?

Deutsche Gebärdensprache

This symbol indicates that the event is being translated into German Sign Language or is understandable for people who use German Sign Language.

Induktive Höranlage

This symbol indicates that use of an inductive loop is available at the event.


This symbol indicates that the event is accompanied by subtitles or supertitles.


This symbol indicates that the event is accompanied by an audio description.

Touch Tour

This symbol indicates that a touch-tour is available at the event, allowing the possibility of touching the sets and costumes.

Leichte Sprache

This symbol indicates that the event is being translated into simple language or is understandable for people who use simple language.


This symbol indicates that the event is accessible to people in wheelchairs. A toilet is accessible and all necessary rooms may be reached without the use of steps.


This symbol indicates that the event is accessible to people with walking disabilities. There are only short distances to be covered, few steps up or down, and an elevator is available.

Ticketing information

To ensure accessibility when buying tickets, we offer three different modes of purchasing. In addition to our online tickets sales, tickets may be purchased by telephone or at the Theaterkasse am Neumarkt.

The Theaterkasse am Neumarkt is on the first level of the subway in the Neumarkt U-Bahn station.

The address is:

Theaterkasse Neumarkt

Neumarkt, U-Bahnpassage

Laden 12

50667 Köln

For a purchase by telephone, the Theaterkasse am Neumarkt may be reached at +49 221 42 07 6000. Payment by telephone may only be made with a credit card.

If your disabled person’s identity card has a “B” (for the German word “behindert” which means disabled) or the equivalent in the country you come from, the person accompanying you will have free entrance to all events. 

We would like to encourage all people with disabilities to contact us concerning any questions or problems...

...by calling:

 +49 221 – 29 49 91 34

...or by writing an e-mail to: