Sommerblut stands for projects from dance to performance, music and theater, exhibition and installation. For you and me and everyone in between. Anti-elitist and inclusive. Inspiring and activating.

We would like to present these projects in all their tension, productivity and power.


Face to Faith

FACE TO FAITH is a joint project co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. 

Simple To Go

We have a critic of our own on our team. Our blogger Arne Siebert is an avid fan of Sommerblut. But he doesn’t like everything, of course. He knows: “We are so diverse. If you want to know whether it was really good or not, just go!” (#einfachhin) 


A Mile in My Shoes

The audio installation A MILE IN MY SHOES made its German debut in 2021, as part of Sommerblut. A collection of stories took visitors on a walk through the city’s streets. Empathy Museum invited you to take a moment to look at the world through someone else’s eyes.