We offer you participation in the internationally-acclaimed Sommerblut Festival which annually presents a truly multi-polar festival program and several hundred national and international artists with diverse identities. Through your commitment, you, as sponsor and patron, contribute significantly to breathing new life into art, paving the way for social movements, and fomenting innovative dialogue in a cultural setting. In addition to media presence, advertising and publications, we can offer you participation in a multitude of various events. If desired, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at a specific theatre or dance production.

Contact us and together we can develop the optimal concept for your patronage or sponsorship. Detailed information about a variety of possibilities for patronage and sponsorship will gladly be provided upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact Rolf Emmerich at:

Rolf Emmerich
Rolf Emmerich
Festival Leitung

Implement our offerings according to your needs

  • Improve your image and profile in the area of corporate social responsibility and specifically diversity
  • Care for and manage your relationships to customers, agents and suppliers.
  • Offer incentives to co-workers, employees, partners and customers.

Our offerings

Advertising and informative media

  • Festival posters, event/performance posters
  • Festival program booklets, event/performance flyers
  • Admission tickets
  • Publicity folders

Media relations

  • Press conferences, discussions with the press, discussions with the audience
  • Reporting by the press, television and radio – even nationally
  • Individual interviews


We offer you a chance for personal integration at the events of the festival, such as, for example, at the festival’s opening and at performance of our in-house productions. Make use of the open atmosphere of the events for maintaining contact with customers, partners and your co-workers.