Crossing Common Borders

Three large, red-lit light boxes made of fabric, in which there are people of whom you can only see the shadows.


Timespan 9.5. to 12.5.
Artists Studio Trafique & Ohrenkuss
Orangerie Theater | Bühne, Volksgartenstr. 25, 50677 Köln
Impaired mobility
Accessibility Inductive loop German Sign Language Audio description (1 Date) Easy German (2 Dates) Touch-tour (1 Date)

What it's all about

"What separates us from our happiness?"; Crossing Common Borders is dedicated to the topic of borders, visible and invisible, real or imagined, individual and collective, as well as the courage to overcome them.

Why should you come? 

Crossing Common Borders combines theater, film, lighting, and music, all performed live! It is an ode to failure. A confession of loneliness. A desire for a great collective. All this connects us and from this point the hope for a common utopia begins to grow.


The piece is a collaboration between “Studio Trafique” and the editorial team “Ohrenkuss”. The authors' texts are part of the play.
The production is staged in the live-film-theater-style typical for Björn Gabriel and Anna Marienfeld: five actors and two video artists will use four cameras, image composition, light design, sound design and analog acting to capture the complexity of our time and make it tangible to the audience. Come as you are!


Thursday 9.5.

Opening: 19:00

Touch Tour: 17:30

Friday 10.5.

Opening: 19:00

Saturday 11.5.

Opening: 19:00

Sunday 12.5.

Opening: 18:00


Script & Direction Björn Gabriel
Co-Author / Co-Script Ohrenkuss
Dramaturgy & Costume design & Acting Anna Marienfeld
Acting Lucas Rosenberg, Milena Cestao Kolbowski, Regina Welz, Tomasso Tessitori, Ansgar Peters, Jan Dziobek, Natalie Dedreux, Nicolas Randel, Anouk Hosmann, Antonio Nodal, Christiane Zimmermann, Daniel Rauers, Martin Weser, Teresa Knopp, Yevhen Holubentsev
Video & Sound design Jan van Putten
Sign language Marco González
Lighting design & Stage design Jan Wiesbrock
Direction assistance & Lighting Mirko Krejci
Project manager Mia Emilia Löwener

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