Timespan 13.5. to 16.5.
JVA Köln Ossendorf, Rochusstr. 350, 50827 Köln
Accessibility Audio description (1 Date) German Sign Language (1 Date) Easy German (1 Date) Touch-tour (1 Date) Subtitle/Supertitle (2 Dates)

What it's all about? 

With HALT, we are inviting you to the Cologne-Ossendorf prison for the fourth time. The performers from the prison bring what moves them to the stage. It's about security and warmth of heart, about setting boundaries and setting yourself free in the absence of freedom.

That's why you have to come

Strong, original texts, accompanied by live music, open doors: Elisabeth Pleß (director) and team as well as Reza Askari (musical director) show different perspectives in an emotionally charged theatre performance. An intense mix of music, movement and words - far beyond classical theatre.  


HALT is part of the EU project AHOS (All Hands On Stage). AHOS promotes co-operation and cultural exchange between different countries within the prison system.


Monday 13.5.

Opening: 17:00

Tuesday 14.5.

Opening: 17:00

Touch Tour: 17:30

Wednesday 15.5.

Opening: 17:00

Englische Übertitel

Thursday 16.5.

Opening: 17:00

Englische Übertitel


Direction Elisabeth Pless
Reza Askari
Direction assistance & Theater Education Lilian Laval
Project manager Hanna Behr
Costume design & Stage design Lena Sofuoglu
Costume design Amrei Kehr
Video Damian Weber
Technical assistance Simon Kwame
Acting Adi, Alex, Carola, Chris, Claudia, Marleen, Coco, Derya, Eduard, Miri, Moses, Omid, Sara, Natalie, Uwe, Telly

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