Artwork of a red bus driving through a magical green landscape. Rehts in the picture is a crane overgrown with plants, standing on an island in the water. Wind turbines can be seen in the distance.


Timespan 14.5. to 19.5.
Ebertplatz -, 50668 Köln
Accessibility Audio description (1 Date)

What it's all about

The theatrical journey "DURST - The Future of Water" takes you into a vision of the future in which our use of water has fundamentally changed. How can we protect water as our most precious resource and make it fairly accessible in the face of the climate crisis?
Inspired by the scientific findings of “Scientists for Future” and local stories from the Rhenish mining area, a visionary narrative is created. It shows how a conscious approach to water can contribute to a sustainable world.

Why should you come? 

Join us on a journey with our theater bus - from Cologne to the Rhenish mining area and the beautiful Türnich Castle. Become part of the action and help shape a vision that advocates sustainable solutions and the protection of life-giving water. Get on board and be inspired by the possibilities of a water-conscious future.


Tuesday 14.5.

Opening: 18:45

Wednesday 15.5.

Opening: 18:45

Saturday 18.5.

Opening: 18:45

Sunday 19.5.

Opening: 18:45

Die Übersetzung in Leichte Sprache muss krankheitsbedingt entfallen.


Acting & Script Arwen Schünke, Mira Wickert, Mare Kraus, Felix Breuel
Script & Direction Christoph Steć
Script & Co-direction & Project manager Ria Unverzagt
Music Felix Breuel
Project coordination Yannick Warkus
Technical assistance & Stage design Jens Mühlhoff
Stage design Noemi Baumblatt
Costume design CHANG13, Fenja Ludwig /#changfenja,
Sound & Installation Tim Löhde

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