Minor Swing

Picture of a concert by Markus Rheinhardt. He is playing his violin with his eyes closed. He is dressed in black. A guitarist is playing next to him.


Timespan 30.5. to 2.6.
Artists Markus Reinhardt, Krystiane Vajda, Alana Polak, Franjo Kraus
Martinsbrunnen, In der Sürst 4, 53111 Bonn
Impaired mobility
Accessibility Audio description (1 Date)

That's what it's all about

Join us on a journey into the world of the Sinti and Roma. A bus will take you from Bonn via Cologne to Düsseldorf - with a surprise waiting at every stop. You will stop at a backyard mosque in Düsseldorf, but also visit places such as law firms, galleries and universities. Get involved in personal encounters, exciting stories and lots of music. And: put your prejudices and fixed images of others to the test.

That's why you have to come along 

Because nothing beats direct contact! Sinti and Roma tell you in songs and monologues about their lives, their culture, their work at university, in parliament and in companies. 


Cologne violinist Markus Reinhardt and director Stefan Herrmann - both Sinti themselves - accompany you on the journey and want to dispel stereotypes.


Thursday 30.5.
Saturday 1.6.
Sunday 2.6.


Actors/actresses/performers Stefan Herrmann, Markus Reinhardt, Krystiane Vajda, Alana Polak, Franjo Kraus
Project manager Annuschka Artes
Stage design Veronika Witlandt
Stage design assistance Luise Winter

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