Wuthering Heights

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Timespan 10.5. to 17.5.
Price 24€, 10€ reduced
Artists Frederik Werth, Maria Strauch, Anja Kunzmann und Alina Rohde
Theater im Bauturm, Aachener Str. 24-26, 50674 Köln
Accessibility German Sign Language Inductive loop (1 Date) Audio description (1 Date)

What it's all about

Long marginalized as a Victorian tearjerker and remembered at best for Kate Bush's song, Emily Brontë's 1847 novel "Wuthering Heights " (usually translated into German as Sturmhöhe ) has been experiencing an astonishing renaissance for some time now. For Mithu Sanyal, it is even "the postmodern novel of the 19th century".

Why should you come? 

Director Frederik Werth will reinterpret the dark story of wild, sometimes brutal love in the midst of a harsh landscape and close one of the many plot holes in the narrative in an unexpected way. In a multimedia theater performance, the narrative positions of the novel will be questioned around the safe fireplace of our own perspectives: the True Crime Podcast.


The Bauturm adaptation of " Wuthering Heights " makes the limits of fictional illusion visible. It not only takes seriously the numerous interpretations which see the protagonist Heathcliff as a person of color, but also uses Heathcliff and Catherine's story, a story which could never be their own, to trace the violent and discriminatory structures of sociy.

A cooperation with the “Theater im Bauturm”


Friday 10.5.

Opening: 19:45

Saturday 11.5.

Opening: 19:45

Thursday 16.5.

Opening: 19:45

Friday 17.5.

Opening: 19:45


Direction Frederik Werth
Equipment Maria Strauch
Direction assistance Judith Freitag
Acting Anja Kunzmann, Alina Rohde

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