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Photo by Enrique Rottenberg of two elderly ladies kissing on the lips.


Timespan 5.5. to 31.5.
Price Eintritt frei
Artists Enrique Rottenberg
Galerie Horbach, Wormser Str. 23, 50677 Köln (Hinterhof)
Impaired mobility
Accessibility German Sign Language (1 Date) Audio description (1 Date)

What it's all about

Enrique Rottenberg's works subtly incorporate a critical examination of political and social conditions in his adopted home of Cuba. The large photographs, created with a high level of empathy, humour and sharp satire, form a complete installation.

Why should you come? 

The performers in the elaborate productions are people from his neighbourhood in Havana, whose bodies are inscribed with the difficulties of everyday life, which is still shaped by socialism. Rottenberg plays with the "sayable", portrays, reveals and creates an atmosphere in which more than just viewing habits are put to the test.


Enrique Rottenberg was born in Argentina in 1948 in a Polish-Jewish family. He moved to Israel alone at the age of 13, where he later worked successfully as a director, screenwriter and film producer. Cuba has been his chosen home since 1993. There he has participated in numerous exhibitions.


Sunday 5.5.

Opening: 11:00

Vernissage - Gespräch mit Enrique Rottenberg

Sunday 12.5.

Audiodeskriptive Führung

Friday 31.5.

Opening: 15:30


Photography Enrique Rottenberg
Curation & Project manager János Buck
Executive producer Bozica Babic

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