Der kleine Container_setzt Grenzen

Work of art in which you can see parts of the face of different people.


Timespan 9.5. to 12.5.
Price Eintritt frei
Artists Franziska Schmitz, Tatjana Poloczek, Alice Bleistein, Güldeste Mamaç, Rebecca Madita Hundt
Lenauplatz Köln Ehrenfeld, Lenauplatz 1, 50825 Köln-Ehrenfeld
Impaired mobility
Accessibility Audio description Subtitle/Supertitle

What it's all about

Art Meets Empowerment: What kind of empowerment is needed for a person to be able to set boundaries?  Is there a connection between male dominance in traditional positions of power and the ability of women* to recognise and defend their own boundaries? In a walk-in installation, you can explore feminist questions about setting boundaries together with the artists from "Der kleine Container".

Why you have to come 

For four consecutive days, the 12.5 square metres of a wooden container will be transformed into an exhibition and experience space with creative texts, information and exciting audio and video installations for all the senses. You can decide again and again whether you want to sit back and relax or actively train your own self-empowerment.


The container offers two rooms, four walls and a party cabin, all under the motto: educate, empower and create visibility.

Please note

The event will take place outdoors, please bring appropriate clothing.

The installation will also deal with the topic of abuse of power, i.e. unpleasant situations can be described. If there are triggers that you would like to avoid, please write to us and we will clarify this in advance.


Thursday 9.5.
Friday 10.5.
Saturday 11.5.
Sunday 12.5.


free of charge, with registration
Thursday, 09.05., 11-12:30 a.m.
Saturday, 11.05., 14-15:30

Empowerment workshop for FLINTA* people

Women support women.
Together with you we want to find out: In which situations are you powerful? For which moments do we need to empower ourselves? And how can we do this?
In the spirit of Alice Walker: "Most people give up their power by thinking they have none"
We cordially invite ALL women* to join us in creating a safe space and practicing self-empowerment.
The workshop will take place in the Atelier-Raum in the Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld.
The room is accessible via a ramp and an elevator.
The workshop is suitable for people with visual impairments.
The workshop can be held in easy language.
There is no translation into German sign language.
If you have any questions, please contact

Registration for 09.05. free of charge via this link: Registration
Registration for 11.05. free of charge via this link: Registration


Artistic direction & Contact team Franziska Schmitz
Artistic direction & Contact team & Audio description Tatjana Poloczek
Conceptual cooperation Rebecca Madita Hundt
Video Alice Bleistein
Sound design Güldeste Mamaç

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