Timespan Sunday 19.5.
Artists Cherish Menzo
Orangerie Theater | Bühne, Volksgartenstr. 25, 50677 Köln
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What it's all about

Video Vixens: The models who appeared in hip-hop video clips of the late 90s and early 00s, often in hypersexualised images, inspired Cherish Menzo to create the performance JEZEBEL. In the pre-YouTube era - when MTV still stood for Music Television - the sensual and scantily clad Video Vixens played a central role in the clips of the mostly male-dominated rap genre. 
Even though the Video Vixens were considered strong and empowered by their sexuality, they were the subject of fierce criticism and were often labelled the "Jezebels", the "shameless, vicious women" of the late 90s. Today, the term stands for much more than the objectified "ride or die" model in a male-dominated culture.  

That's why you have to come

 JEZEBEL refuses to be defined by others. She navigates hip-hop culture and looks for ways to reclaim her image. Can she deconstruct the controversial stereotype of the black hip-hop honey?


In her works DARKMATTER and JEZEBEL, Cherish Menzo does away with stereotypes and preconceived body images.  JEZEBEL was honored with the Amsterdam Fringe Award and the International Bursary Award.


Sunday 19.5.

Opening: 19:30


Concept & Choreography & Performance Cherish Menzo
Lighting & Technical assistance Niels Runderkamp
Technical assistance Vincent Romijn
Music Michael Nunes
Video Andrea Casetti
Daniel Smedeman
Dramaturgy Renée Copraij
Outside eye Berthe Spoelstra, Christian Yav, Nicole Geertruida
Voice Shari Kok-Sey-Tjong (Vocal Coach)
Executive producer Bibi Scholten van Aschat
Tour Manager Frascati Producties
Project coordination A Propic - Line Rousseau, Marion Gauvent

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