Near My Ears

Four loudspeakers pointing in different directions. There are also two arms protruding into the picture, one of which is carrying a cell phone.


Timespan 14.5. to 15.5.
Artists Sounding Situations
St. Aposteln, Apostelnstraße 1, 50667 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access

What it's all about

“Near My Ears” is a music audio walk performance: starting at St. Aposteln am Neumarkt, it moves through the streets of Cologne, exploring places where the everyday and the political meet and merge.
A text entitled "To be in a time of war" by the Lebanese philosopher, artist and author Etel Adnan written in 2005 is the starting point. In it, she describes her personal powerlessness in the face of the Iraq war that broke out far away in 2005.
She takes a very close look at everyday actions which develop a completely different quality against the backdrop of the outbreak of war - an experience that is shared daily around the world today. Simultaneously with world-shaking events, tourists flock to the city center, homeless people, workers, playing children, partygoers follow their everyday lives.

Why should you come? 

Near My Ears takes you through the streets of the city and creates a different approach to global connectivity: Awareness of what is happening far away doesn’t have to be disturbing, painful or annoying, but can also be valuable and important for everyone, creating the cross-border connections.


Tuesday 14.5.

Opening: 19:00

Wednesday 15.5.

Opening: 19:00


Artistic direction Milena Kipfmüller, Klaus Janek, Jens Dietrich
Script Etel Adnan, Sounding Situations
Music Dorrit Bauerecker (Akkordeon), Rochus Aust (Trompete)
Producer Fabia Mekus

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