Timespan 11.5. to 12.5.
Artists Junges Theater Köln
Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Cäcilienstraße 29-33, 50676 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access
Accessibility Audio description (1 Date) Touch-tour (1 Date)

That's what it's all about

There is an inside and an outside and a line between them - as fine as a membrane that threatens to tear at any moment: with a loud bang!
"What is left of me after my body and mind have exhausted themselves sufficiently? How much am I willing to give and how much of it belongs to me?"
Give, take and don't get lost in between. Someone smiles at you and you feel a high. Someone presses the reset button and shifts the dividing line. Identity melts, frays and forms a question mark or forms a narrow lane in which the conditions of being together are constantly redefined.

That's why you have to come

Gratwanderungen explores physical and psychological limits. We sound out the boundaries of intimacy and also deal with the question of how far we want to let the world, the flood of information, the violence, the judgements of others get to us and how much we are prepared to endure.
To this end, director Svetlana Fourer and her performers take us on a dance journey to the edges of the human condition.


Saturday 11.5.
Sunday 12.5.

ab 15:00 Uhr bieten wir eine Touch-Tour an (Dauer ca. 30 Minuten)


Actors/actresses/performers Miriam Meißner, Nastassja Pielartzik
Dance Anastasiia Kovalenko, Julia Monschau, Viktoriia Kukla
Direction assistance Regina Bensch
Direction Svetlana Fourer
Dramaturgy Samira Clausius
Choreography Ilona Pászthy, Daria Koval
Music Matthias Bernhold
Executive producer Jasmina Toh
Consultation Stella Shcherbatova
Finances Olga Moldaver
Stage design Victoria Shved
Press & Public Relations Isabelle Stier- Social Media-
Costume design Maike Kranz
Lighting Lukas Hoffmann

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