Mein Onkel David


Timespan 17.5. to 18.5.
Artists Yaroslava Gorobey (Schauspielerin), Matthias Bernhold (Musiker)
Alte Feuerwache | Halle, Melchiorstr. 3, 50670 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access

"My father couldn't talk about it. I think he wanted to protect me. I realized that it hurt him and didn't ask when I was little."

Today, forty years later, director Svetlana Fourer wants to know what she wasn't allowed to know: "But the fear of experiencing the unspeakable and having to deal with it has left its mark on me. Now, together with the team and the audience, I'm trying to understand what traces the Shoah leaves behind in subsequent generations and what that means for the present. My uncle did not remain silent. And I do the same."

A theatre piece about not being allowed to know, the fear of experiencing, the force of knowledge and the search for a way to deal with it.


Friday 17.5.

Opening: 19:30

Saturday 18.5.

Opening: 19:30


Direction & Artistic direction Svetlana Fourer
Acting Yaroslava Gorobey
Music Matthias Bernhold
Dramaturgy Florence Herrmann
Choreography Ilona Pászthy
Video Lisa Domin-Alouane
Stage design Hannah Beeck
Consultation Stella Shcherbatova
Executive producer Gabi Linde
Costume design Maike Kranz
Stage design assistance José Miguel Hernández Labrot
Technical assistance & Lighting Daniel Swoboda
Direction assistance Regina Bensch

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