Timespan Monday 20.5.
Odonien, Hornstr. 85, 50823 Köln
Impaired mobility Wheelchair access
Accessibility Inductive loop Audio description German Sign Language

What it's all about

The end of MAD PRIDE is the beginning of Big Bääm. It's going to be nice and noisy and a bit crazy. We celebrate with music, art, dance and the joy of being wild.

Why should you come? 

We want to party with you and enjoy good music at the open air festival in Odonien.

In music program:
Kwaggawerk - the live orchestra made up of artists, cultural professionals and others who enjoy energetic music. Kwaggawerk provides an unforgettable sound and a quirky show.
Jam for Breakfast mixes the genres of funk, jazz and blues to create a sound that goes straight to the heart and therefore also to the dance floor.
Traditional musical styles meet emotional jazz: Markus Reinhardt plays the violin like others breathe.
Flammender Deep-Porn-House: the electro pop duo Unfall! formed by Martin Widyanata and Max Schweder combines reduced 4/4 rhythms with dissonant sounds and catchy harmonies.
Anything seems possible in the boundlessness of Station 17 's music. Most of all, they are so successful because they are such a joy to listen to. It's best to simply let yourself be carried away by the driving, elegiac rhythms of the band, whose members have also produced with DJ Koze.

Celebrate the Big Bääm with us!


Monday 20.5.


Music Jam for Breakfast, Kwaggawerk, Markus Reinhardt, Station 17, Trommelwerk, Unfall!
Presenter Kerstin Pöpper, Patricia Kubanek

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