Schauspiel Köln | Depot 2

A challenge to life in all its diversity. La Ribot creates a dream place with the inclusive dance company Dançando com a Diferença. HAPPY ISLAND tells about what it is like to exist with all the strength and jubilant beauty of the body.
This picture shows a dancing person in a red costume made of transparent fabric. In the background, a nature landscape is to be seen, with several trees.



Suzie Larke uses art photography to visualize inner states - fragility, for example. The fascinating images - printed on fabric and stretched in metal stands - stand where they belong: in the midst of people, in Cologne's Stadtgarten.
This picture is a close-up photo of a woman, looking into the camera. With the help of photo editing, it looks like the left side of her torso is detaching and scattering in tiny little pieces in all directions.


Subbelrather Straße 13

Have you had enough of this world? Catastrophes and social division make you despair? Visit the world of AGENDA! Apply now! Agenda item 1: More play, less work.
This picture shows 13 people. They all look very different. Some have colourful hair. They are all wearing the same shirt. 2 persons are each sitting on an office chair, one person looks like she is saying something.


MAKK - Museum für Angewandte Kunst

BIOTOPE wants to cross borders. To rethink borders. And touch all senses to do so. The site-specific performance combines dance, performance art and objects. Without beginning and without end. Come closer!
This picture shows a naked woman sitting on a pile of car tyres.


TanzFaktur I WerksHalle

ENTLOVE YOU! is a rhythmic and humorous appeal to think and live love in a new way and to explore a new potential of love and asks the questions: How do we want to love and be loved?
This picture shows several people in wedding attire. Some are cheering and look happy, others have a serious expression on their faces. They have flowers in their hair and in their hands.


TanzFaktur I BühnenSaal

One body, one individual - one person. One person as representative. To leave one's own perspective. To change one's own truth. Elsa Artmann as a person becomes a field of tension: unique universe and universal representative.
This image shows a close-up of a person surrounded by blue light. The person is holding the hands behind the head and is looking away from the camera.



The inclusive theater collective Possible World presents Aristophanes 'The Birds' in a new guise. Deaf world, deaf culture and hearing world meet with humor and modernity.
This picture shows a woman lying on the floor. Her upper body is painted with blue and green paint, and she is leaning against yellow plastic pipes. Feathers are stuck to her arm and body. Some feathers are also lying on the floor.

Alles Aber Anders

Alte Feuerwache | Bühne

12 people talk about unusual moments in their lives and how the world suddenly changed. In a humorous and touching way, the encounters on stage weave into a story that reflects our society.
This picture shows two people behind a frosted glass door. Through the door, the persons can only be recognised in shadowy form.


Phoenix Sauna

With a queer eye, we transform the rooms of the Cologne men's sauna Phoenix into the temporary utopia queertopolis. The sauna experience becomes a queer happening that invites to performances, installations and mini-workshops around lust, love, sex and relationships.
This picture shows two people whose silhouette we see from behind. They are looking at a white wall on which several messages are written in black and red letters.


Haus am See

A bus trip from the future to the past to show us how we can prevent the global climate crisis before it is too late for humankind. Based on the research project "Zukunftsbilder" (images of the future) by Scientists for Future on the question of what our lives might look like in 20 years, a multimedia theater experience was created.