Yishun is Burning

Schauspiel Köln | Depot 2

Shamanism meets Voguing meets Yishun. For "Yishun is Burning", Choy Ka Fai adapts Singaporean ritual dances for a transcendent, queer solo on a multimedia stage. Dancer Sun Phitthaya Phaefuang (a.k.a. Aurora Sun Labeija) enters states between ecstasy, trance and drag, transgressing attributions of gender, cultural identity and religion.

Cola Lemon 30 Cent

Subbelrather Hof

"Cola Lemon 30 Cent" is half video installation, half performance and draws you into the cosmos of gambling addiction. In the whirlpool of adrenaline kicks, you feel what it's like when the prospect of winning money and giving up your existence become powerful narcotics. At the slot machine, beyond time and at the end of feelings, everything becomes a game, a dangerous simulation.


Orangerie Theater | Bühne

"RADIO MARIIA" imagines the future of Poland without the Catholic Church. A future in which Poles no longer have to be Catholic to be truly Polish. Instead, the play satirically presents alternative models of society, culture and politics. As part of the European project "Face to Faith", “RADIO MARIIA” asks: What makes an utopia not come true and what are the limits of our imagination?

3. Festival der Religionen

Bürgerhaus Stollwerck

The Festival of Religions brings together people of different (and no) religious affiliations. Artists, religious representatives and experts deal with fear in the context of religion and spirituality. Musical and dance performances, discussion formats and workshops will focus on confronting and overcoming fears. A Hindu-Daoist-Confucianist-Christian-Buddhist-Sikhist-Jewish inspired festival of joy!

The Human Measure. Fear of the Future?

Allerweltshaus Köln

The art of palm reading meets the art of poetry: In this workshop on emotions, words and the human condition led by Azzurra D'Agostino, 20 participants will overcome fears of the future and create their own little book of destiny.

gender is a magic trick I forgot how to perform

Alte Feuerwache | Halle

Secrets and lies, appearances and disappearances, trickery and deceit. "Why are these words in a strangely close relationship to my gender?" In her solo performance, Jeanne Jens Eschert does not hide the techniques she herself learned as a magician. In a world of unmasking where there is nothing to unmask, "gender is a magic trick I forgot how to perform" blurs the binary of truth and deception.

all about love

Orangerie Theater | Bühne

In the midst of crises, fears and pressure to perform lies a small island where you find refuge: Love. Here you can be who you are. It belongs only to you - and of course to Hollywood, Netflix, Instagram, Tiktok, Fleurop and Valentine's Day. In "all about love", Elbers/Zhukov and a group of young performers explore the great feeling in the context of great commercial interest.

Durch Lila Nebel

Alte Feuerwache | Bühne

What gives us goosebumps? Eight people tell their story. They speak of personal insecurities, of their inner fears and struggles. In " Durch Lila Nebel" (Through Purple Fog), director Svetlana Fourer and a diverse ensemble delve deep into the emotional world of all of us. Fear gives rise to the courage to question anew and to take responsibility.

Behind Fear

TanzFaktur I BühnenSaal

Forewarned is forearmed. In "Behind Fear", Dragana Bulut creates choreographies of fear by exploring the paradoxes of supposed security culture. With humour, she makes us aware of our own need for security and the dangers that lurk in the theatre. The audience is protected by a security team and still has to ask itself how do we deal with threats?

Alias. Parallelwelten 2030

Orangerie Theater | Bühne

What happens when the street becomes a shelter? When public space becomes private and there is no room left for dreaming? In "Alias", the DRUGLAND Theatre delves into a world between dream and reality and takes the audience on a journey into the fantastic parallel worlds of our urban coexistence.