Le Cri


In LE CRI, the Cologne collective WEHR51 devotes itself to the earth and with it to the relationship between man and nature. More precisely: the exploitation of natural resources. You are invited to pay your last respects to a big, clever, important friend - a real tree. You accompany it on its journey from the tree felling to processing, laid out in the museum hall of the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum.

check your habitus


"check your habitus" is a poetic self-questioning and addresses a learned social grammar deeply inscribed in our attitudes. The exhibition brings together statements by 18 authors about internalized parental beliefs, the invisible heritage associated with them, a sense of belonging and the shift between social worlds.


Orangerie Theater | Garten

The Ohrenkuss team reads on the theme of MONSTERs in the Blue Hour. Sounds and texts - and at the same time there are monster-like drawings between the trees in the evening light.

ULTIMA RATIO - Eine Busreise aus der Zukunft

Haus am See

"Ultima Ratio" invites you on a bus trip from the outskirts of Cologne to the coal mining area of Hambach and Türnich Castle. A bus trip from the future into the past, based on the research project "Zukunftsbilder" by Scientists for Future, asking how our life could look like in 20 years. Embark on an adventure journey about the symbiosis of man and nature.

Nach dem Ende

TanzFaktur I WerksHalle

In "Nach dem Ende" BKM Performance poses the often suppressed question: What happens to the body after death? The two performers work in funeral services and counteract fears of contact. They talk about washing the deceased, dressing them, putting make-up on them and putting them in the coffin. They talk about their friendship and special encounters.



The MAD PRIDE will once again march colorfully, loudly and together with you through the streets of Cologne. Accompanied by Kwaggawerk we march from Neptunplatz in Ehrenfeld to Odonien and make ourselves loud against discrimination and exclusion of any kind. We demonstrate self-confidently for diversity and difference in all our colors.

Big Bääm


At "Big Bääm" we celebrate with you and musical support from Kwaggawerk, Sarah Tsehaye, Graf Fidi and RasgaRasga loudly our diversity and lust for being wild. We'll make the open air stage at Odonien shake.


Alte Feuerwache | Halle

Portuguese choreographer Carla Jordão began a series of dance pieces four years ago entitled UNIVERSAL.... In it she deals with the effects of social systems of power on human bodies. In A UNIVERSAL REACTION she explores how fears shape our bodies, how they permeate and determine bodily movements.


LABOR Projektgalerie | GOLD+BETON | Mouches Volantes

"THE VILLAGE" is a collective and participatory playground that expands boundaries with relish. Over 20 students, graduates and freelance artists from the HfMT Cologne invite the audience on an expedition to an unknown city at an unknown time. In the six-hour performance, together with free instrumental groups, they will explore the dynamics of communities, rituals and taboos in installations, live music, lectures, video and electronic sets.