Biotopia. Eine Fortpflanzung

Äußerer Grüngürtel

Bleak reality and utopian dreamtime, installation and performance, human and non-human - all this meets in Biotopia.Eine Fortpflanzung.
This picture shows a painting with a green background. In front of it is a creature, half human, half plant, depicted standing on its head.


Wiener Platz

People with and without addiction experiences have collected words, built texts, written stories. With a text installation in the middle of Wiener Platz, the creative collective RUNNING WATER now presents the beautifully wild text collection.
This picture shows a sky with a sunny horizon, all covered in yellow. In front of it is a staircase with 10 steps. In the foreground of the picture, oranges, bananas and apples are flying through the air. It is all a big mess.

Totentanz Café


A word with death. The Totentanz Café takes place sometimes here and sometimes there, sometimes in the Rhineland and sometimes elsewhere: people come together and talk to each other about death. We talk, we write, we draw. Everyone can express themselves.
This picture shows a person in red patterned clothing, with her arms spread wide. She is standing in a meadow, with the long grass reaching her hips.


Alte Feuerwache | Halle

With Herbarium, scents connect to the world of plants. A performative space that touches the senses of smell, hearing and touch. To discover: the life of flora, its uncertainty and vulnerability - and above all:, your own, botanical pleasure
This picture shows a yellow flower up close.



ÄLLEI lives on the website of the Sommerblut cultural festival and offers help for digital accessibility. You too can get to know ÄLLEI.


TanzFaktur I BühnenSaal

SKIN is a mixed-abled performance in which Renea Shadler and Roland Walter perform an impressive duet about boundaries and points of contact. They explore their relationship to each other and to the environment in their shared language of movement.
This picture shows a young woman and an older man dancing. They stand close to the camera and make gestures with their hands.

The Human Measure

Alte Feuerwache Köln

The Human Measure is a joyful and poetic parade about moments of failure. Together the performers face frustration and celebrate with the audience.
This picture shows a group of several people. They are standing on a grassy slope with a forest in the background. They all look very different. They are all dressed differently and they all make different gestures.


Projekt Galerie Labor

iBelieve is a performative experiment in the form of an app. Sensual experiences, memories and playful challenge - reinterpreted as modern self-hacking spirituality. The installation combines a sound performance with an app.
This image shows a logo for the iBelieve app. The background is black and the upper half of the image is covered by white four-pointed stars. In the middle is the logo. It consists of several small images in different colors that together form a mosaic.


Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten

VAGABUNDEN tells the musical story of outsiders. A life story about struggle, friendship, addiction and solidarity.
This picture shows an older man in a green shirt. He holds his hands out in front of him and has a questioning expression on his face. In the background on the right, out of focus, a woman can be seen, looking at the man from behind.


EL-DE Haus

Every day, Sinti:zze and Rom:nja move in a world of foreign attributions and prejudices. ROMANITY tells of empowerment and self-assertion, of exclusion, and stereotypes and the attempt to invalidate them.
This picture shows a small fraction of a face. Only the eyes, the eyebrows and the base of the nose can be seen.