Das gestohlene Glück/ Украдене щастя

Theater im Bauturm

The study of happiness and one's own biography meet in this collage of drama and music by Splash Theater from Kiev.
This image shows three people on stage, with a black background. They have long braids in their hair. They show strong emotions and make gestures with their faces and hands.

BIOTOPE (Eindhoven)


BIOTOPE wants to cross borders. To rethink borders. And touch all senses to do so. The site-specific performance combines dance, performance art and objects. Without beginning and without end. Come closer!
This picture shows a naked woman sitting on a pile of car tyres.


KM51 – Das Erftmuseum

Together with scientists from Scientists for Future, we will open the Erftmuseum on Sunday, December 4, for "ZukunftsWerk!" A free discussion and participation workshop for all citizens. Exchange ideas about the future of work, housing, food, energy, land use, mobility and participation. Develop your own ideas about what makes a future-proof world for us and here, and learn more about relevant initiatives from the Rhineland. Register now!
A woman is standing with the back to the camera. Her view is focused on the coal mines while she is drawing a brighter idea for the future.