OPEN-CALL: World Cafe and Workshop #queertopolis

You would like to create a temporary queer utopia?


You are concerned with issues around queer sexuality and relationships?

You want to collaborate artistically on a queerer world? You are searching for exchange and community?

You want to develop your own contribution to queertopolis with professional artists from the fields of performance, dance, theatre and installation?


World Café Date:

30th April  | 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Workshop Dates:

01., 14, & 15. May |  10:00 -17:00

You don't have to be able to come on all dates, arrangements for workshop times will be made on 30.04. or individually by mail. Location to be announced, participation from 18+


until 28.04.2022 to , please write us a few lines about yourself. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Linda:

What is queertopolis?

In a public sphere where heterosexual, monogamous relationships, often led by young, white, abled bodies, form the norm, the diversity of physicality, love and desire often remains invisible. We want to change that!

With a queer gaze, we are transforming the premises of the Cologne men's sauna Phoenix into the temporary utopia queertopolis. For two days and nights we will bring together performance artists, voices from the LGBTQIA+ community, festival visitors and regular guests. In this way, an evening at the sauna becomes a queer experience, that invites you to shows, performances, installations, parties, concerts and mini-workshops on lust, love, sex and relationships. 


Schedule of the World Café and Workshops

In the World Café, the project team and the workshop leaders will introduce themselves. In smaller groups we will discuss ideas and artistic approaches, as well as all other relevant questions about queertopolis.

The aim of the World Café is to develop initial concepts for an artistic co-creation of queertopolis, either alone or together with others. These can be further developed on the three workshop days. The results can be presented on the two performance evenings on 18./19. May. 

We want to address your suggestions and needs as openly as possible. You are welcome with an almost finished concept or show act. But you can also come along without any experience or idea, just for a playful, creative exchange. The focus lies upon the joy of trying out new ideas and the desire to tinker collectively with an utopia. 

Do you want to be involved in the conceptual design of queertopolis? Then have a look at our Open Call for the Community Team!


Please Note

The Phoenix Sauna is a place where sexual contact is possible. There will be areas for sexual contact during our event as well as areas where sexuality or nudity is not desired, so that everyone feels comfortable. At the Happening, we cannot guarantee a queer safe space. However, our Awareness Team will try to create an evening that is as mindful as possible.

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