#Simple2Go 1: What is the Sommerblut Culture Festival?

Experts say: "The Sommerblut Kulturfestival is a diverse, inclusive, multipolar cultural festival from Cologne".
Does that make your eyes roll? What does that actually mean?

What is Sommerblut?


It's a play on words.

  • Summer is from June to September. Summer blood used to start in June. But we're impatient. That's why it's already summer in May. 
  • We need blood to live. Blood of the heart is an image for passion. We think: Culture is vital passion! 
  • Summer, blood and lifeblood, that's what makes Sommerblut! 
  • A festival shows different artists. As a cultural festival we mostly present exhibitions, theatre and dance.

What is special about us?

We want many people to have an interest for culture. We want to bring people onto the stage, into exhibitions and into the audience who don't often take part elsewhere.

In the past, we were the only ones. Today, more cultural institutions do that. But we are still the only festival for such great diversity.

Many words for diversity...

People are different. There are words that describe: What differences are important to us? Otherwise you miss something.

  • Divers: All people belong. No matter if they are a man, a woman or another gender. No matter if they live together with the same sex or not. If you think bigger, it doesn't matter if they are old or young. It doesn't matter if people live in prison or on the street.
  • Inclusive: All people belong. No matter if they have a disability or not. Whether they need assistance or have a serious illness. If you think of inclusion as something bigger, it is diverse. 
  • Multipolar: Literally, it means 'many poles'. My colleagues invented the word. There are many different opinions and ways of life. Big opposites like the North Pole and the South Pole.

Is everything allowed?

No. You are part of society, so are others.

With discrimination you say: You are worth less than me. Or: you don't belong here. Racism, sexism, misogyny and all other forms of discrimination are absolutely not allowed!

Diversity is exhausting. But you get priceless richness in return.

So devote yourself to the Sommerblut cultural festival - it's  #Simple2Go.

Questions, answers, suggestions, criticism? Feel free to contact Arne!