#Simple2Go 2: Make it new! - The new season begins!

Arne's perspective becomes #Simple2Go!

#MakeNew! So my blog is getting a new name! #Simple2Go.
I want more people to feel like culture: #Simple2Go. Not everyone understands: Why should I pay 10-20€ for a play or performance? And then also for a public transport ticket or a full tank of gas for the car?
That's why I'm writing more simply than last year: 222 words at the most.
Also new is the series #Simple2Backstage. Within this series, I will show and explain things to you in more detail. Maximum 2,222, that is two thousand two hundred and twenty characters. You see, I like to play with numbers.

Make it new! - our festival motto

Everything is new in May. That's why we've prepared ourselves for a new season: Make it new!
#MakeItNew! This year we play in nature and in the sauna. We're getting to know FLINTA:-people and the theme of falling out of love. We will show you an exhibition about fragrances, an app about faith and much more. So let us surprise you.
#MakeItNew can also be cruel: There is a new war, new deaths, new refugees, new fears. We show that in our events, too.
And there is no Mad Pride, because our Italian artists will stage The Human Measure, the overture to a festive and thoughtful cultural finale.
Yes, we are celebrating! Because culture is sometimes like a new experience. So make a new Adventure Holiday and simply go to Sommerblut 2022!

And now I ask you: What are you doing new?

Questions, answers, suggestions, criticism? Feel free to contact Arne!